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Welcome to my life!

Do you ever feel like you do a lot of nothing, and you really want to do a nice amount of something?  But doing nothing is taking up all of your time?  That’s how I feel.  I have a lot of dreams for myself, but I procrastinate or decide it’s too much work to try and figure out how to get things started.  Well, not anymore!  I’ve created this blog in order to help myself keep track of the dreams I am working to accomplish. 

Dream #1  Start a blog.  Hooray!  I’m on my way already!

To give an idea of the type of dreams I have for my life, I must explain that I am a pretty old-fashioned girl.  I am a traditional Catholic, very family-oriented, with a great love for all those old traditions and values that our culture seems to be losing rapidly at present.  I decided when I was very young that having a beautiful, loving, healthy family was one of the best ways I could change this world for the better.  Doesn’t it seem that the deterioration of our culture is coming from the deterioration of our families?  More people divorce than stay married.  Families are torn apart or drift apart through individualistic activities or obsessions.  “Latchkey” children are raising themselves. 

So basically I’ve decided to be counter-cultural.  Not to the extreme, of course…  I’m not going to ban television and start my own farm, but I am going to try my best to raise a family that loves God and puts each other first, and would rather take a trip to a park and play outside together than spend hours playing their DS.  I want to be a stay-at-home mom who knits Christmas stockings, makes clothes and bakes homemade bread.  I want to love and respect my husband (who is my best friend in the whole world, by the way), take the time to pray and become less selfish, and treat life as a big adventure God has given to us.

There.  That should be a good background to start this blog with.  Hopefully along the way I’ll bump into people who likewise have great hopes for their family or who can give me good advice as I am just starting out.  Now it is time to start learning those things that will make me a great traditional housewife—like how to knit.  It’s too bad that somewhere along the line in the last few decades, the passing along of these traditions seems to have been dropped or lost.  At least in my family they mostly were.  Oh well.  It’s time to learn!

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